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No more guessing. Develop a bulletproof marketing plan for 2020.

When you’re in a referral-driven business you can have a beautiful website, great content, and a huge social media following, but none of that turns into sales without a plan.

Referral driven companies need a marketing plan that puts YOU at the center of it. You and your reputation are still one of the driving forces behind referrals, repeat business and new business development, so you have to be a big part of your marketing plan as well. 

Whether you’re looking to nurture existing clients or win new clients, you’ll leave our workshop with the tools on how to get there (and a 90-day content strategy plan in hand!).

Workshop Details

  • Date: Wednesday, December 11th
  • Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am Pacific
  • Location: Wayward Kind Office, 7183 Navajo Road, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92119
  • Cost: $150

Meet your host

Jules Taggart is a human-centered marketing strategist, consultant, and educator. She believes intelligent business growth is fueled by forging deeper connections and creating meaningful client experiences.

Jules has been featured as a content marketing expert on many leading podcasts, blogs, and websites.

Jaz Adams is a marketing strategist and digital content creator for small businesses of all industries. She has a passion for educating small business owners on digital marketing trends that include social media, the psychology of UX, and content marketing.

She currently holds a Certificate of Mastery in Digital Behavior Change.

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