Welcome Glaucia Midgett, Wayward Kind’s New SEO Strategist

By September 23, 2019Team Wayward Kind
Glaucia Midgett is new SEO Strategist

Wayward Kind has been on fire lately…in a great way! New clients, new partnerships, and new employees, like Glaucia Midgett, our new SEO Strategist!

As a digital marketing agency, Wayward Kind depends on search engine optimization (SEO) to help our clients develop amazing content that gets them found. And Glaucia is the woman for the job.

We’re excited to have Glaucia on our team and we can’t wait to learn from her expertise!

Brazil to SD—Glaucia Midgett’s Journey to the States

One of the things we love about our Wayward Kind team is the diversity. As a native of Brazil, Glaucia grew up in São Paolo, Brazil, the largest city in South America.

Glaucia always had an interest in helping small businesses so when she finished high school, she decided to study marketing and advertising. She enjoyed learning about creative marketing strategies that help businesses grow.

To deepen her knowledge, Glaucia attended the University Paulista and received her BA in Marketing and Advertising, and her MBA from B.I. International, with a focus on International Business and Innovation. 

This led her to working with one of the largest healthcare consulting firms in Brazil as a Marketing Manager. She also held the position of Senior Campaign Manager for the largest home decor e-commerce business in Brazil. 

While Glaucia found some professional success in Brazil, she sought opportunities to further her career by learning English. Thus began her journey to California. With the support of her cousin, Glaucia settled into Southern California and took a year to dedicate herself to learning English and familiarizing herself with the culture. 

During this time, she met her husband, Brandon, and also furthered her marketing studies, including an SEO Extensions program through UCSD. Learning SEO supported her earlier passion to help small businesses through effective strategy that could be implemented without spending too much money.

When she’s not strategizing, Glaucia enjoys riding her bike in Mission Bay, attending spin classes, seeking out the best happy hours in San Diego, and traveling with her husband. Her favorite travel destination is the Caribbean and she loves a good burger and fries! Glaucia is also passionate about volunteering at her church, offering her expertise as a Marketing Coordinator.

Lightning Round

We love sharing about our team and it’s become a tradition to do a little lightning round to learn the essentials about each person. So, here goes for Glaucia…

Wayward Kind: What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Glaucia: A prayer, black coffee, and LinkedIn newsfeed

Wayward Kind: What’s something on your bucket list that you plan to tackle this year?

Glaucia: I want to make meal prep a priority.

Wayward Kind: What is your favorite movie?

I love the movie The Pursuit of Happyness and Will Smith’s character. I like the way he refuses to give in to despair as he struggles to create a better life for himself and his son.

Welcome to Wayward Kind, Glaucia Midgett!

 Our team of strategists are experts at understanding you and your audience. Whether it’s setting up Google Analytics, or creating great landing pages, Wayward Kind is all about action. Ready to convert to a mindful marketing strategy? Contact us today!

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