Introducing our Copywriter, Melissa Mudd

By February 25, 2021Team Wayward Kind
Introducing Melissa Mudd, Wayward Kind’s copywriter.

2020 was a busy and tremendous year for Wayward Kind. We grew our in-house team, and they hit the ground running. So here we are, and we are so excited to introduce you to the very talented Melissa! 

Always learning along the way 

Melissa comes to Wayward Kind not with an industry background, but as a former high school English teacher—and really it’s a story of being at the right place at the right time. Melissa is intensely dedicated to growing her understanding of equity, white supremacy, and the racial underpinnings of American society and culture. That pursuit is how she met our Founder, Jules Taggart.

Because she knew Jules through this space of gender, class, and race equity and is a lifelong writer, working for Wayward Kind is a perfect fit. Copywriting is one way to amplify the voices and work of the people making a substantive change to American society, and Melissa approaches each day ready to learn. 

She is a sheer force of life, she’s honest, positive, kind, and authentic. She may tell you a long, winding story, but that story gets to the heart of the initial inquiry and stays with you. 

Melissa lives in Dallas with her family. When she isn’t working, she loves being outdoors. She tries to make the space to walk every day, and she loves to bike, hike, and camp.

The lightning round of questions: 

Wayward Kind: What is your favorite way to start and end the day? 

Melissa: I like to start the day with silence, before my kids are awake, maybe with tea and a book but that doesn’t happen very often. Because of the slower pace of life during the pandemic, when dinner is over and the kitchen is clean, we gather in the living room and either read together or play some kind of game. It really is the best way to slow.way.down. and wrap up the day’s events.

WK: Did you set any goals for the year, and if so which have you met, and which turned into something other than a goal met?

Melissa: In an effort to get healthier physically, I started paying attention to moving more. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind, but now I bike whenever the opportunity presents itself which is more often than I would have thought! Additionally, my kids and husband have joined in, and most weekends involve some kind of bike excursion (usually to a pancake joint). Most recently, we accomplished multiple weekends with seventeen-mile round trip breakfast outings! Health for me turned into fun outings with my family.

WK: What have you learned during quarantine? What have you missed?

Melissa: I miss hugging my friends. I miss just seeing people for the fun of seeing people. I miss the ease of being in the world. I miss the movies. The collective experience of sitting alone together in the dark to experience someone else’s storytelling. Same with concerts, museums, and theater. I miss experiencing beauty with other people. Taking in a piece of art in a public space beside a stranger—even if you have no interaction other than eye contact or an overheard sigh, mmhm, or wow—is fundamentally different than taking it in and telling someone about it later. The ways social media has stepped in to fill this gap is amazing and important, but being in person, in the moment, and seeing another person’s unselfconscious response to the thing that also moves me—I really miss the shared humanity in that.

Wayward Kind is so happy you’re here, Melissa. 

Need some new content? A brand voice update? Get in touch with us to see how Melissa’s talent can take your ideas and turn them into reality.

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