Welcome Natasha Bell, Wayward Kind’s New Copywriter

By October 7, 2019Team Wayward Kind
Natasha Bell is new Copywriter

Meet Natasha Bell, Wayward Kind’s new Copywriter.

As a digital marketing agency focused on starting meaningful digital conversations, Wayward Kind is ecstatic to welcome Natasha to our growing team! Natasha’s background in creative and technical writing has her fitting in with our clients, and her draw to liberation makes her a stellar addition to Wayward Kind.

Let’s learn more about Natasha.

Storytelling Gets Strategic

Natasha is a storyteller. Intrinsically interested in how humans interact and connect with one another, she’s taken a variety of approaches to storytelling: acting in improv troupes, writing poetry, getting involved with our local art community, and editing a diversity-focused literary magazine.

Before joining the Wayward Kind team, Natasha was already used to the agency pace — she’s worked as an in-house Marketing Coordinator, a Creative Director for a startup, and as an SEO Copywriter for a few different agencies. She has experience crafting copy, clarifying brand messaging, and strategizing content for B2B and B2C companies in the SaaS, e-Commerce, hospitality, home decor, apparel, and industrial industries. She’s excited to be a part of the Wayward Kind team, especially since she immediately connected with our human-centered approach and diversity-driven mission!

Natasha is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but grew up just outside San Francisco, California. She moved to San Diego to study at California State University, San Marcos, where she got her BA in Literature & Writing Studies.

When she’s not helping brands define their stories, Natasha enjoys writing poetry, printmaking, trying new coffee shops, and playing tourist in the city with her husband.

Lightning Round

It’s time for our favorite tradition…lightning round questions!

Wayward Kind: What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Natasha: With an oat milk latte… and a boop on the nose from my kitty, Benjy (no earlier than 5, though — please!)

Wayward Kind: What’s something on your bucket list that you plan to tackle this year?

Natasha: I’d like to work on incorporating a few minutes of meditation into my morning and night routines.

Wayward Kind: If your life was made into a movie, who would play you? Why?

Natasha: My initial reaction to this question was, “I’m not sure I’d like to see another person play myself! I really don’t want to revisit the “blue hair” phase I went through in middle school… some things are better left to memory.” My second reaction was… Esther Povitsky. She’s also under 5’5, shares a similar sense of humor, and feels weird about her life being turned into movies, too.

Please help us welcome Natasha to the team!

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