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The Design Institute of San Diego is an interior design school committed to delivering resources that inspire students to think about design in unique ways. DI provides students an opportunity to bridge the gap between academics and industry through interactive experiences in the design world and prepares their students to enrich the industry and the global community.

The Challenge

Over the course of 30 years, DI has built a robust alumni network and has steadily grown their admissions predominately through word-of-mouth advertising. DI needed Wayward Kind’s help in creating and implementing digital strategies that positioned DI as a top choice for secondary education in interior design.

Design Institute’s target audience is devoted to interior design and wants practical educational opportunities. They wanted to appeal to students who didn’t want a large campus environment and could excel in small class sizes to showcase the personalized and specialized focus of the DI faculty.

Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Strategy

Content Strategy & Development

Website Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

The Goal

The Design Institute wanted to enhance its reach by developing an informed and cohesive SEO and online marketing strategy based on analytical data and outcomes.

The goal was to build brand awareness and visibility through SEO and targeted keywords to make it easier for prospective students to find the DI site and programs. Moreover, through lead generation and increased targeted traffic, the prospective students reaching their site would be converted from visitors into potential students.

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The Approach

We partnered with the team at STM Charters to clarify their brand, add depth, and simplify their online discovery process. As with most of our clients, the industry is complex—last-minute aircraft sourcing is complicated!—so began by gaining a deep understanding of positioning and industry nuances. 

After nailing down specific goals, we got to work creating an action plan: 

First, we reviewed all of STM Charters’ efforts, from their existing social media accounts and websites to their SEO statistics.

Next, we outlined their core values in a clear, concise Brand Voice Guide. This guide was built to create messaging reflective of their personality, that also addressed their target audience’s pain points and offered enough understanding about STM Charters’ process without information-overload for their busy clients.

Then to further the ease for their clients, we simplified…everything.

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The Results

increase in average session duration (time spent on site)
increase in average number of pages viewed per session
increase in total pageviews
stm about page screenshot
sports service page


If creating your own content strategy or identity design seems a bit overwhelming, no sweat! Our team at Wayward Kind is happy to work with you to create the right content strategy. Get in touch today to discover how we can take your content to the extra mile.