Instagram audience growth

The Challenge

Bolt, the star of Whippets Unleashed, has some very passionate humans that were eager to build their brand’s presence on Instagram. They had an account with some great (can we say adorable?) photos, but weren’t seeing the type of audience growth and engagement they desired.

Instagram audience growth

Content Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Training

Instagram audience growth

The Goal

Inspired by fellow Instagram influencers and Whippet lovers everywhere, Whippets Unleashed came to Wayward Kind to help them maximize their social media strategy and increase their followers on Instagram. They wanted to elevate the Whippets Unleashed brand by significantly increasing audience engagement, while cultivating mutually beneficial collaborations with like-minded brands.

The Approach

Wayward Kind’s digital marketing team used their social media expertise to enhance Whippet’s Unleashed Instagram strategy and facilitate audience growth by:

  • Focusing on how to use hashtags, including hashtag research
  • Create consistent posting schedule
  • Create an outreach strategy for brand partnerships, ambassador relationships, and product collaborations.
  • Design a plan for location tagging and geography-specific posts to increase engagement and visibility
  • Develop categories for Instagram stories

Our team took a hands-on approach by working one-on-one with Whippets Unleashed in our San Diego HQ to give real-time guidance on all things Instagram. This personalized touch is what we love to do!

The Results

Followers on June 15, 2019
Followers on August 14, 2019

That’s audience growth of 5X in just two months!

If creating your own content strategy or identity design seems a bit overwhelming, no sweat! Our team at Wayward Kind is happy to work with you to create the right content strategy. Get in touch today to discover how we can take your content to the extra mile.