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Civility Partners is a full-service HR firm created as a result of workplace bullying. They design company cultures where employees are happy to go to work by transforming toxic climates into empowering ones. They offer training, coaching, consulting services, keynote speaking, and harassment prevention courses. Civility Partners teaches organizations the responsibility each individual has in ending bullying, reducing workplace stress, and creating a respectful and supportive work environment.

The Challenge

While company culture and employee engagement have become buzzwords in the HR world, a lot of organizations still don’t prioritize it because it isn’t required by law, or they don’t think their workplace needs it. But at the end of the day, happy employees have a strong impact on an organization’s ROI. Civility Partners needed their site to express this, but also fully encompass their fun, enthusiastic approach to workplace issues.

Not only that, but they also needed their website to function as a resource for prospective and existing clients. Catherine has been making waves in the HR industry with her written content, videos, and online courses, so it was important to present that in a streamlined way.

And lastly, Civility Partners has made incredible strides in the last few years, growing beyond just Catherine. Because of this, they wanted their website to celebrate the “we” that the Civility Partners team has become.

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The Goal

Civility Partners believes that respectful behavior generates ROI. With a background in workplace bullying, they wanted their website to feel like a welcoming, empowering space for business owners, managers, and employees at any stage in their journey to grow.

While Civility Partners does a great job of engaging clients and conference attendees, they still needed streamlined messaging. They also wanted their website to engage, inspire, and motivate companies and individuals toward a transformative workplace culture.


Civility Partners Homepage

The Approach

Informative resources are one of the areas where Civility Partners thrives. So, after completing our review of all their assets, we decided that organization and structure were important to making it easy for Civility Partners’ clients to find exactly what they’re looking for on the site. 

B2B businesses usually have a blog, or even a resource page with downloadable guides and content, but Civility Partners had LinkedIn Learning pages, blogs, keynote videos, books, and more.

Catherine, the CEO and founder of Civility Partners, also has a well-deserved reputation as a fun and effective speaker in the corporate world. Because of this, we decided on expanding the color palette, incorporating microinteractions on the page as users scroll down, and brand elements that reflect the bright and fun personality of Civility Partners.


Civility Partners About Page

The Results

With a carefully curated color palette, new brand assets, and a site that clearly reflects their playful, positive values, Civility Partners can continue having meaningful conversations that transform company culture.

Civility Partners Home Page

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