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The Natural Lifemanship Institute is a family owned-business where life coaches, mental health professionals, equine professionals, and others in the healing professions are trained to better understand trauma through equine-assisted therapy. They use science-based principles to help people heal from trauma and stress with the help of horses. The institute provides training, certifications, memberships, and consultations to build connected relationships that lead to happy, healthy, and productive lives.

The Challenge

Natural Lifemanship is known for its hands-on training. When social distancing measures were put in place due to coronavirus, they were met with the challenge of transitioning to an online learning environment while maintaining the deep connections they had always helped their community achieve through in-person training and events.

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The Goal

At a very high level, Natural Lifemanship wanted to introduce their core offer including Fundamentals Training as an online training program. This program had always been done in person in the past as it involves horses. So bringing the richness of that experience online and effectively marketing it as a virtual training was their primary goal. 

They wanted to keep the same level of community and accessibility face-to-face training provided by effectively translating the benefits of the online learning experience on their landing page. 

Natural Lifemanship’s goals were to let equine professionals, therapists, life coaches, teachers, counselors, and others know the online setting was transformative and provides the same level of attention, valuable knowledge, and consulting as the in-person training.

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The Approach

Because Natural Lifemanship’s training has always been in person, we conducted audience research to understand who would be attracted to this offer and how we needed to reach them. After segmenting the audience based on their needs and concerns, we were able to overcome objections the audience had in investing in a virtual training rather than waiting until in-person training opened back up.

We also developed an ad strategy that focused on using targeted audiences within Facebook ads to ensure that every dollar spent focused on a specific audience segment. We wanted to drive traffic to the landing page that was highly likely to convert to the cost-effective and self-paced benefits of online training.

We used conversion rate optimization, copywriting techniques, and landing page design that moved visitors deeper into the conversations as they scrolled down the page. We added ample social proof and built the page as a long-form sales page rather than an order form.

The Results

We made a strong case for investing in virtual fundamentals using persuasive techniques in the design, copy, and functionality of the page by minimizing distractions and increasing emotional engagement via copy. We increased social media ad management through audience segmentation and CRO copywriting.

Natural Lifemanship had a stretch goal to hit $50k in sales with this initial launch and they had one week to get it done. We helped them exceed that goal by 25%.


“Wayward Kind gets us! They listen and seek to deeply understand what we need to communicate to our customers. They’re organized, responsive, profoundly competent, creative, and careful with our money. The first project they did with us we exceeded our financial goals by 25%.”

~ Bettina Schultz-Jobe, Natural Lifemanship

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