STM Driven is a trusted ground transportation company that integrates unparalleled customer service and industry experience to enhance client experiences, no matter the place or occasion STM Driven works with approximately 150 different athletic programs each year and uses a thoughtful and systematic approach to simplify the booking process, which saves clients time and money.

The Challenge

STM Driven transports over 132,000 passengers annually, and those numbers are steadily growing. They have years of industry expertise and needed a new brand and website that matched both their skill set and commitment to client satisfaction.

STM Driven is good at what they do, but for years they didn’t have a website. They wanted to mirror the high-level services they offer athletes, entertainers, and students daily, but it was tough for clients to learn about their services without an online presence.

Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Strategy

Content Strategy & Development

Website Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

The Goal

STM Driven started with a single landing page on their parent company, Short’s Travel Management’s website. They wanted a look and feel similar to their sister company, STM Charters while developing a simplified approach to requesting quotes and booking ground transportation. 

Not only did STM Driven want prospective clients to be able to vet them through their site, but they wanted clients to have easy access online to any member of their team via channels such as social apps and content integration.

STM Driven - Landing Page

The Approach

The STM Driven team is always on call. If a client is working 24/7, so are they because they are committed to serving clients no matter what time of day it is. We wanted to focus on why STM Driven was the best transportation choice in their industry but needed to use language and visuals that were familiar in the industry. 

Since STM Driven caters to entertainers, athletes, and business professionals, we wanted the logo to be welcoming to diverse audiences. We needed to remember who we are talking to, so we completed an audience segmentation strategy.

Once we reshaped their brand persona, we tackled the strategy work, including SEO work, social media content creation, blogging, landing page creation, and email marketing to heighten their online presence and accessibility.

The Results

We revamped the STM Driven website, mirroring the look and feel we knew would strengthen their standalone online presence on social media and give their clients another opportunity to stay connected with their team. 

“Wayward Kind put together a holistic marketing program for our company, including creating our website, re-branding and marketing. Wayward Kind’s team put together a clear outline/timeline of their process, stayed on task and met with us throughout the process to ensure we ended up with a quality product. We will be working with Wayward Kind for years to come.” 

~ Nick Gyllin, President, STM Driven

STM Driven - About Page

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