The Challenge

As a technical translation company, International Language Services, Inc. saw the rise of machine translation create more competition and greater price sensitivity in their clients. The marketing strategy that helped them grow for years was no longer sufficient.

Rather than compete on price, ILS chose to continue to compete on the value of their service and the results they achieve for their clients. To do that, they needed to to become a leading resource for manufacturers seeking technical translation services.

Lead Generation

SEO Strategy

Content Strategy

Content Development

Website Design

The Goal

Increase leads by providing translation related resources to companies while they are actively seeking translation services. Nurture those leads as they move through the buying process.

The Approach

Wayward Kind took a strategic approach to drive more traffic to the valuable resources that ILS has on their website and improve lead generation through opt-in offers. To do this, we segmented their audience and optimized the existing content in the ILS guides for those specific audiences. We also redesigned and updated the copy to improve readability and usefulness.

Once the guides were created, Wayward Kind implemented targeted email campaigns to inform specific audiences and highlighted the new guides on ILS social media.

The Results

Increase in number of keywords ranking on page one
Improved position of targeted keywords in search results by an average of 13
Increased time on site

“Working with Wayward Kind, we finally have all aspects of our marketing efforts fully integrated. It’s enabled us to coordinate SEO with our content messaging so that everything we do is now consistent with our business development goals.”

Barb Sichel, Director of Business DevelopmentInternational Language Services, Inc.

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