Dr. Lorena Lee specializes in pain relief, stress management, and cosmetic facial acupuncture. She is passionate about helping people to improve their health and empowering them to combat challenges, both physically and mentally, leading to people achieving a fulfilled and pain-free life.

The Challenge

Through years of extensive training and education, Dr. Lee gained a deep knowledge of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine but was struggling to convey her content in a digestible and human way. 

Lorena is good at what she does in person and wanted that same connection and warmth to emanate from her online presence.

Digital Shop Setup

SEO Strategy

Content Strategy & Development


Website Design & Development

Social Media Training + Content

Speaking Kit & Pitch Deck

The Goal

To humanize her messaging and connect with her core audience of business professionals, athletes, people with pain, women with fertility issues, and people interested in self-care and wellness. 

Because Acupuncture and Chinese medicine were new to most clients, Lorena’s goal was to connect with and educate them on the misconceptions about acupuncture as well as the benefits.

Wayward Kind’s Approach

We created a Brand Voice Guide to help structure and humanize Dr. Lee’s messaging and provide clarity on how to effectively talk about her work and her clients’ outcomes. 

We implemented keyword refresh when rewriting her service page, to revive her content and make it more SEO friendly. We concluded by creating a blog strategy and providing 1:1 training on how to create content in an ongoing basis.

The Results

Fresh messaging, solid strategy, consistent communication…the content marketing trifecta!

“I’ve been working with Wayward Kind for a while now and they’ve helped me so much! Their marketing is about creating authentic relationships and providing meaningful connections with my clients. I personally don’t like salesy-ness so this was the right fit.
They are so organized, offering high quality service and professionalism. Everyone on the team feels like they’re on my team rooting for me to shine. Thank you Wayward Kind!”
—Dr. Lorena Lee, Founder
Lorena Lee Acupuncture 

If creating your own content strategy or identity design seems a bit overwhelming, no sweat! Our team at Wayward Kind is happy to work with you to create the right content strategy. Get in touch today to discover how we can take your content to the extra mile.