As an alternative to nursing homes in Pennsylvania, Senior LIFE provides comprehensive medical care and supportive services for people 55 years of age and older so they can remain in the comfort of their homes.

The Challenge

They say the only constant in healthcare is change––and Senior LIFE certainly knows this to be true. So, instead of simply reacting to the changes in regulations impacting their members, Senior LIFE anticipates these shifts and proactively educates the communities it serves.

As they were preparing for major regulation changes, the team at Senior LIFE knew they needed to improve their website’s functionality and increase opportunities for conversion in order to connect with a larger segment of their community.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Content Strategy


Website Updates

SEO Strategy

The Goal

Increase the number of prospective Senior LIFE members who find the organization online and convert via the website and nurture those leads through content marketing throughout their decision making process.

The Approach

  • Created timely/newsworthy educational content
  • Conduced audience segmentation and customized content for each segment (i.e. content for caregivers, content for elderly Senior LIFE members enrolled in the program, etc).
  • Created email marketing campaigns for each segment
  • Created blog posts for each segment
  • Created social content for each section
  • Worked with their advertising agency to tie ad campaigns to targeted content within various segments.
  • Conducted A/B testing on landing pages and contact forms
  • Changing the content architecture of the website to make content easier to find without having to dig (reduced the number of clicks it takes to get to a conversion point, which ultimately increased conversions)

The Results

Drove an average of 100 additional website leads per month
Grew the email list by 1000+ contacts in just 6 months
Skyrocketed email click through rates by creating relevant, targeted content for specific audience segments. Senior LIFE’s email CTR is now 5x the industry average.

Ready to convert more of the people who are finding you online?