The Challenge

The Adaway Group is a black woman-owned firm that provides consulting and training services in the areas of race, equity, inclusion, social justice, strategic planning, and organizational change. They specialize in helping organizations do the personal and institutional work required to build equitable workplace cultures. 

Their goals are to examine the structure of organizations to identify any areas of oppression. 

Workplace cultures are transformed into places geared toward equity and inclusion, as the Adaway Group outlines strategies based on a company’s policies, procedures, and management structure. 

Although the Adaway Group was doing a lot of work to eradicate power dynamics and oppression with understanding, they weren’t able to easily showcase their expertise and their work through their existing website. They wanted prospective clients to be able to learn more about what worked for their clients and what it takes for organizations to create change.

They wanted their online presence to be reflective of their messaging, and to create an easy to navigate website with a clear understanding of their brand. This was what their website was when we first partnered up:

the adaway group

Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Strategy

Content Strategy & Development

Website Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

The Goal

The Adaway Group believes that you get the culture you create. They wanted their website to showcase the culture they are creating through diversity, equity, and inclusion training to transform workplaces and truly center equity. 

While the Adaway Group did a stellar job of showcasing their leadership and providing resources to companies that wanted to put in the work, they still needed messaging that displayed how they can help organizations become just and equitable. They wanted the website to provide an optimal user experience that engages companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the transformative services they offer.

The Approach

The Adaway Group’s vision to create real and lasting change in the world needed to be prominent on their site, so we restructured their website domain to show that they create greater depth, meaning, and impact for organizations of all sizes. This included reframing their brand to center around the great work they’ve done, and highlighting their audience-centered and service-oriented messaging. We revised keywords and copy to cultivate deeper connections, reiterating their belief of unity, and liberating the most vulnerable people.

We wanted clients to be touched by the compelling content and utilize the valuable resources for their organizations. We structured the new web page to have more functionality and guide people to transformative actions. The Adaway Group does not measure its impact on who is thriving, but rather on who gets left behind, so we designed email marketing templates that aligned with their brand to ensure this powerful messaging could reach multiple audiences.

The Results

With a newly designed brand and a site that clearly reflects their work, the Adaway Group can highlight their positive and approachable demeanor when it comes to creating productive conversations that transform organizational culture.

“Wayward Kind was everything I needed in one creative, efficient, and supportive package. They came in and spent all the time needed to really learn who I am and my vision for my company and work. They asked questions that helped me clarify my voice and brand while allowing me to stay authentically me. They never tried to change me, only highlight and amplify the parts of my business they knew would have a further and deeper reach.”

—Desiree Adaway, The Adaway Group

If creating your own content strategy or identity design seems a bit overwhelming, no sweat! Our team at Wayward Kind is happy to work with you to create the right content strategy. Get in touch today to discover how we can take your content to the extra mile.