Recent Work.

Wayward Kind

As a San Diego digital marketing agency, we believe in starting digital conversations that matter. That’s why we approach every aspect of our work with an emphasis on human connection.

And we practice what we preach—our goal is to be our own best case study by showcasing how thoughtful, intentional digital marketing strategies can aid decision-making and nurture long-term customer relationships. We took all of this into consideration when building our website.  

JWB Family Law

As a successful San Diego family law firm, JWB Family Law was already receiving regular referrals, but wanted to tap into other lead generation sources to increase the number of initial consultation sign-ups and build relationships with their prospective clients.

With limited time for marketing, JWB turned to Wayward Kind to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that focused on clarifying their audience and using strategic content to tell their story and get to know their clients.

The results? Increase in consultations scheduled online, easier website navigation, and better understanding of their clients.


Workday Warriors

As a fitness entrepreneur, Brian White managed a successful personal training and bootcamp business (Brian White Fitness), in addition to a successful corporate wellness program called Workday Warriors.

In preparation for the launch of the Workday Warrior book, Brian sought the expertise of the Wayward Kind team to develop a website and digital marketing strategy that would create a clear distinction between Brian White Fitness and Workday Warriors, thus enhancing lead generation, lead nurturing, and buzz around the need for wellness in the workplace.


Borton Petrini, LLP

The Law Offices of Borton Petrini LLP have over 100 years of legal experience in the state of California, making them a solid, credible choice for a variety of legal needs.

The challenge was figuring how to combine their strong reputation, with updated digital platforms to enhance user experience, generate leads, and appeal to a targeted audience.

With the help of Wayward Kind, the Borton Petrini brand received a full refresh including a new website that allowed for ease-of-navigation and marketing strategies that gave them the ability to better understand their clients.


Adria Curtis

As a human resources consultant Adria Curtis has a passion for connecting the right people with the right organizations. With a rapidly growing consulting business for the booming biotech industry in San Diego, Adria wanted to establish business ethos by building a strong, professional digital presence.

In partnership with Wayward Kind, Adria staked her claim on the web with a clear, concise, and visually appealing website that not only built credibility, but gave her the tools to generate and nurture leads, and share her passion for providing expert HR services in San Diego


International Language Services, Inc

As a technical translation company, International Language Services, Inc. prides itself on providing the highest quality translations using human translators who fully understand complex subject matter.

With a sincere focus on the human aspect of translations, ILS partnered with Wayward Kind to strengthen lead generation and nurture those leads throughout the buying process in a personable, accessible way.

Using content strategy and SEO, we helped foster an increase in keyword ranking on page one by 40 percent, improved the position of targeted keywords, and increased time on the site by 51 percent.