Welcome Stephen Sung, Wayward Kind’s New Web Developer

By November 18, 2019Team Wayward Kind

2019 has been a huge year for Wayward Kind. We’ve been building out our in-house team and have recently welcomed our newest team member, Stephen—woohoo!

At Wayward Kind, so much of what we do is centered around people. Which is part of the reason why we’re excited to welcome Stephen to the team as our newest Web Developer (the other part is because he’s an all-around great person!). Stephen’s background involves studying the way the human mind works, and how to replicate that digitally.

Let’s learn more about Stephen.

Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Computers

Stephen hasn’t always been San Diego-based (which seems to be a common theme with more recent team members!). After living in two other countries, he was first welcomed to the states in Orange County.

Stephen has always been interested in people and what attracts them to specific things. So when he started university at UCSD, he decided to study psychology. He loved learning about the human mind and how to inspire desire.

His background in human consciousness and unconsciousness, along with a fascination for the show Mad Men, naturally led him to marketing. Then, his curiosity and love of learning led him to web development courses—one online boot camp led to an in-person course, then to working as a Full-Stack Web Developer, and the rest was history.

For Stephen, web development bridges the gap between people and computers. And he loves creating user experiences and interfaces that give end-users a transformative experience. He finds writing code to be full of possibility and personality.

When not practicing code or learning, Stephen enjoys going to music concerts and events. He tends to lean more toward creative music, like electronic, but has fun regardless of genre. This openness to music translates into Stephen’s other hobbies, which all revolve around trying new things and appreciating different cultures—whether that’s food, people, or experiences in general!

Lightning Round

We already knew this part was coming…let’s get to know a little more about Stephen!

Wayward Kind: What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Stephen: With brunch (ideally eggs benedict), some coffee, a good playlist or audiobook, and anything mentally stimulating

Wayward Kind: What’s something on your bucket list that you plan to tackle this year (or next year, since it’s already November!)?

Stephen: I want to really nail down data structure and algorithms. And go to Hawaii!

Wayward Kind: If your life was made into a movie, who would play you? Why?

Stephen: Despite the differences in our appearances, I love Denzel Washington’s attitude. He’s also humorous at times and has a commanding presence.

Welcome to Wayward Kind, Stephen! We’re excited to have you!

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