Our Approach

Do remarkable work for remarkable people.

We are a digital marketing agency built on the belief people buy from people, not brands.

We understand how human connection drives decision-making, and we help our clients create mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, prospects, and community.

We partner with companies who want growth that is both dramatic and sustainable. We work with clients to achieve this by helping them get in front of more people who need to hear their story and make a lasting impact. And it all starts with a conversation.

If this sounds like you, reach out! We’d love to meet you.


We help you start and nurture online conversations that bring in new clients.

Wayward Kind is a digital marketing agency built on the belief that effective marketing is rooted in human connection. We help ordinary businesses have extraordinary conversations with their clients.


Our Values

Human connection.

We believe people buy from people, not brands. We are transactional with systems so we can focus on being transformative with other humans.

Low ego, high impact.

We have a high standard for excellence, and we know our work gets better with feedback and collaboration. We are 100% on your team.

No noise.

As a digital marketing agency, we are messengers. Our clients trust us to tell their stories and help them connect with their customers. To do that, listening and understanding our clients is key.

Diversity of thought, cultures, and perspectives.

Our work is more creative and far more effective by being inclusive of different viewpoints—and we carefully select clients who share that belief.