Branding, Website Design & Book Launch Marketing


Before envisioning the Center for Body Trust, Dana Sturtevant and Hilary Kinavey worked independently as a therapist and dietitian. Working in nutrition and mental health, they found most of the recommendations made to clients regarding weight were not only unsustainable but often resulted in harm to their well-being. In 2005, they joined forces to re-envision what it meant to occupy and care for your body—and their company, Be Nourished, was born.

The Goal

When they came to us, they were getting ready for a major brand name transition – moving from Be Nourished to Center for Body Trust. They wanted to explore who their customers were and what mattered to them as they began to transition to their new name, and they were also ready for a visual brand and website that mirrored the evolution of their business.

Their radical approach to healing sparked our interest and we were excited to guide them on this journey.


Website Design & Development

Audience Personal Development

Customer Journey Mapping


Content Strategy

SEO Strategy

Book Launch Strategy

Once rebranding was complete, we designed and built a website featuring their soon-to-be-released book as well as their services. We also had a chance to dig into their book, Reclaiming Body Trust, and drive marketing strategy for pre-sales and the formal launch.

Guiding the Center for Body Trust through their brand transition and supporting their book launch with branding and website development was a great honor and we’re proud to be part of their community.

“To the team at Wayward Kind…[thank you] for helping us envision the next phase of our business: The Center for Body Trust.”

– Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant,
Co-founders of Center for Body Trust