Wayward Kind

We are a woman-owned digital marketing collective working with purpose-driven companies. Our clients are making good by creating positive, forward thinking, and necessary change in their industry.

Driven by Our Values

Our work is rooted in bringing greater visibility to organizations that are solving complex social, environmental and community justice issues.

Human Connection

We build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations, their customers and their community.

Low Ego, High Impact

We are hungry to learn and know our work gets better with feedback and collaboration.

Joy on Purpose

We believe innovation is fueled and sustained when the work is fun.

Good Can’t Wait

We know that meaningful, impactful change takes time…
and the best time to start was yesterday.

Not an Agency

Deep Expertise, Full Execution

Some may call us a marketing agency, but that title doesn’t fit. Agencies are known for having inflated budgets, relying on junior staff, and producing underwhelming results.

With Wayward Kind, you’ll get the deep expertise of working with Jules Taggart as your on-demand CMO, along with full execution of your campaigns and strategies by our senior-level team of seasoned consultants.

The best of both worlds without the bloat.

About Wayward Kind