We bring greater visibility to the work of purpose-driven organizations that are designing a more just future.

Good businesses deserve to grow

We believe impact driven organizations should thrive. Our mission is to bring greater visibility to nonprofits and purpose-driven companies so they can serve as a reliable catalyst for social change.

Ethical + effective

Good marketing never leaves you feeling like you’ve sold out. We are reimagining the way challenger brands market their services and get results.

A divergent approach

Marketing agencies are known for inflated budgets, long timelines and underwhelming results. That’s why we’re not an agency.

Proud to be a certified B Corp

In 2022, Wayward Kind became a certified B Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

One of the ways we measure our impact is by championing the work of companies and organizations that are asking important questions and making significant contributions in race, class and gender equity.