Best Brands on Social Media

Best Brands on Social Media

Brands of all sizes and industries rely on social media to connect with their audience. The truth? A lot of them are doing it wrong.

Wondering where to start?

The main goal of social media is to build authentic relationships with your audience. In order to do that, your brand voice needs to be just as authentic. 

You need a solid understanding of your audience, what they are feeling, what they like, dislike, and so forth. Above all that, you need to know how your brand can provide them value.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a swap of your service for their dollars. Other times, it’s a bit more complicated.

The brands that win on social media have a stellar understanding of audience needs while consistently personalizing interactions with the viewer through relatable tweets,hashtags and participation in social movements.

5 Companies that are Nailing Brand Marketing

Wendy’s does more than make burgers

Your audience craves engagement and one way to give them what they want is by making them laugh. Laughter is not only the best medicine but it is a great way to connect with your audience and bring them back for more of what makes them feel good.

A great example of humor done right is Wendy’s. This fast food joint is continually edgy and humorous in making a name for their brand. They love a good roast or rap battle, and people love to watch them banter with the other fast food guys. You want content that makes your audience laugh and, of course, hit that share button.

Humor draws people from all walks of life to your brand. It allows people to feel connected. Make sure you have humor that comes naturally and isn’t forced, and please keep it simple. There is no need to be lengthy or dark with it.

Not only is humor useful and engaging, but it makes people feel good. Experts say it reduces stress and improves memory. So let yourself be remembered and give your audience a good laugh.

IHOP is full of surprises

IHOP rediscovered their brand and put themselves back on the map by maximizing their presence on social media through Twitter.

Twitter is the place to go to bring awareness to your brand. One of the best things about Twitter is the viewers never miss a beat. There are updates every hour on the hour, which means you can utilize it in real-time.

Remember when IHOP announced they were changing their name to IHOB on Twitter? Their fans and non-fans went crazy. People were retweeting, sharing, and wildly engaging with “IHOB’s” content. It was everything IHOP wanted and more.

People respond to content that is conversational, and this gives room for brands like IHOP to communicate the fact that yes, they serve pancakes but hey, if you want a burger and fries, we have that too.

Adidas isn’t just a shoe company

Adidas has excelled in recognizing the why behind their brand and how it fits into the feelings and activities that are relevant right now. One of the ways they do that is by incorporating pop culture into their brand marketing.

Pop culture is where it’s at. Everyone desires to be in the know, and appealing to what your audience is interested in only helps keep your hype going.

Pop culture is trendy and connects to the mass media through hashtags and retweets.

For instance, Adidas came out with the signature campaign of the “change is a team sport” motto, which inspires people to come together and wear iconic sportswear while on the road to achieving change.

Now when someone uploads a selfie of themselves in Adidas apparel, you think, wow, they believe in unity and togetherness because it’s reflective of the brand statement. That reconveys the spirit of authenticity that brands seek to aspire in their audience.

Dettol rethinks handwashing

If you don’t live under a rock, you know TikTok is the newest social media platform taking people by storm. Dettol, a household cleaning product company, was smart to hop on the lip-syncing world of TikTok, especially during a time when people are emphasizing the importance of washing your hands.

TikTok allows people to be authentically themselves and opens doors for brands to utilize the app to reach a wider audience.

The handwash challenge which started on TikTok broke records, and of course, Dettol became the leading soap in bringing awareness to the importance of keeping our hands clean and being trendy while you do it.

Amid social distancing, Dettol used TikTok to give consumers a fun way to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. 

The #handwashing challenge got nearly 9-billion views in four days. 

That statistic screams success and is a great example of a brand that knows their audience and exactly what they need.

Talkspace Leads with Convenience 

Talkspace gets the importance of perception and what being connected means to people right now. Many people may be struggling with cabin fever, anxiety, and financial hardships, and now they can talk to someone about it without even leaving their homes.

Talkspace has built its brand around being virtual, which alleviates fear of judgement and encourages people to create a safe place anywhere, through a text or video chat.

They maximize their impact on social media platforms by using their IG stories for mental health advice and Q&As. You can’t afford to waste time or money with content that is not aiming to better your audience’s overall quality of life.

Always remember the WHY behind your business

As a business that strives to make their audience feel something, it’s important to think about the major takeaways you want your target audience to feel when they think about you. Put this into action by bringing your messaging and benefits full circle, focusing more on your “why” than “what.” Why is your business here for them?

People can spot a fraud a mile away, and there is nothing they like more than authenticity. Truly living your brand values will guide your messaging in coming from a place of understanding, consistently. There’s power in your ability to provide value, and remain steady in upholding your core values.

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