Best Social Media Platforms for Small Business

The Best Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses

Social media has played a big role in the transformation of business marketing. From making it easier to target prospective customers to meeting them on the platforms they spend their time on, social media helps us facilitate communication.

The Value of Social Media Platforms for Small Business

While it may sometimes seem like there are more important things to do in your business, social media makes it easier for businesses both large and small to find and connect with potential customers. Finding customers can be challenging! And keeping them, even more so.

However, social media also helps businesses nurture their relationships with their clients and target audiences, from offering solutions and support for poor customer experiences to making your customers feel like a part of your community.

And consumers are more likely to recommend brands to their friends and family after a positive experience with them on social media—in fact, 71 percent of them report that they would!

Our Top Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. A lot. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or feel like there’s a better platform out there.

So let’s break down our recommended social media platforms for small business marketing.


Facebook offers businesses a plethora of opportunities: from facebook pages to facebook ads, this social media platform has unparalleled reach. Its universal use makes it great for businesses that cater to other countries, making it an effective global lead source. Facebook also features paid ads that can target your exact audience (especially if your target audience is 55+ in a niche industry).

What you should share on Facebook: upcoming events, products, updates about sales or promotions, new services and products

How to boost your business engagement on Facebook: highlight your brand’s personality, as your posts will be mixed in with posts from your audience’s friends, family, and other interests


Visual-centric, Instagram is perfect for businesses looking to offer products or services geared toward millennials and teens. Businesses can utilize posts, stories, live, and paid ad options to reach users in a variety of different ways.

What you should share on Instagram: content that highlights your company culture, business accomplishments, client features

How to boost your business engagement on Instagram: consistently share high quality photos and videos and be authentic to your brand

For more tips on the kind of content you can share on Instagram and Facebook, check out our 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar for B2B Businesses.


Perfect for niches and small B2B businesses, LinkedIn is great for building relationships with other businesses and professionals. While actual marketing campaigns are present on the platform, the biggest benefit small business owners see is when making text-based updates that position themselves as an industry expert, sharing videos, and connecting with others in their own industry or in their target audience.

What you should share on LinkedIn: recommendations, tips, your experience and core objectives, industry news

How to boost your business engagement on LinkedIn: position yourself as a valuable resource that provides insights your followers can learn from, go beyond “work” and use videos and photos that are fun to stand out from the norm


Popular among younger crowds, Twitter is great for businesses that could benefit from “going viral,” as users interact in real time and retweets can add up quickly. 

What you should share on Twitter: updates about your business, recent news, etc.

How to boost your business engagement on Twitter: be playful in the way you provide value

It’s Your Turn to Share

Hopefully you have a better understanding of what types of content work best on each platform now!

As you begin posting to social media sites from your business, remember to keep track of which types of your posts your audience responds best to on each platform.

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