CRO Tips

Convert Your Followers with these CRO Tips

Action—that’s what you want people to take every time they land on one of your digital platforms. Getting them to take that action, whether it’s filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase is what conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about: a systematic way of increasing the number of people that take action.

When we say “conversion,” it’s the idea of making a pivot in a new direction. Perhaps a lead is curious and poking around your website. You want to convert them into a more serious user, one that is engaging with your content. 

So, how do you do that? With some helpful CRO tips you can create content that really speaks the user’s language and leaves them excited to take action.

CRO Tips: Micro and Macro Conversions

Of course, we all want users to dive right in and make a purchase or retain services. But the reality is that it’s rare for someone to just impulsively make a big purchase without first walking through a few steps.

There is a difference between micro and macro conversions. Micro conversions are the baby steps taken to get to the overarching (macro conversion) goal of making that purchase. These steps are significant actions. Here are some examples of micro conversions:

  • Sharing a post about your brand
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Visiting a landing page numerous times
  • Watching a video
  • Download an Ebook

Micro-conversion users are an integral part of your lead nurturing strategy. Even if they haven’t made a purchase yet, they are on a buyer’s journey. 

The job for you and your digital marketing strategists is to thoughtfully lead them on that journey and let them know they have value, even if they don’t buy anything. Focus on developing the connection with your audience through micro conversions and there will be more opportunity to make that bigger conversion. 

Track Conversions

The importance of tracking conversions can’t be overstated. If you really want to know what part of your digital marketing strategies are working, and what’s not, you’ll need to keep track of how people are using your website.

Take this CRO tip to heart: If you haven’t started tracking them yet, start by checking out tools like Google Analytics that can be easily set up.

You’re probably investing a healthy amount of dollars into marketing and you deserve to know what the ROI is on those efforts. Why waste time putting money into a project that’s not producing, especially if there’s a method with better results? Working hard on your marketing strategy is like driving across the country without a roadmap. You need that map. 

So, what will these magical tracking tools do?

  • Determine where users are located
  • Learn which campaigns are getting the most traffic and conversions
  • Find out what people are searching for on your website
  • How long visitors stay on popular pages, or bounce

And there’s certainly a lot more that you can get into with analytics. Just starting with some of these basic metrics can really help you tailor your content and website architecture to speak to your target audience, connect with their needs, and work towards that macro goal of converting leads into actual customers. 

Bring the Value

We believe in the human connection with your audience, so when it comes to CRO tips, we always come back to that core value. Converting customers is about helping them solve a problem, not just about making them DO what you want them to do.

When you’re working on those micro conversions, it’s all about the value, the education, the information that you provide to help that audience feel comfortable with you. As they get closer to the bigger buyer conversion, you’ll focus more on a direct action, like a clear button that says “BUY NOW!” But you’re not going to lead with that CTA when you’re just getting to know someone. Just like you’re not going to ask someone to marry you on the first date. 

As you continue to build your digital content, remember these CRO tips. Consider your intentions as a business and the intentions of your potential customers. Dig a little deeper, perhaps with some help, and watch those conversions soar. 


We can help you master your digital marketing strategy with CRO tips. Our team of strategists are experts at understanding you and your audience. Whether it’s setting up Google Analytics, or creating great landing pages, Wayward Kind is all about action. Ready to convert to a mindful marketing strategy? Contact us today!