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Considine and Considine, a full-service tax and accounting firm, is more than just a team of expert Certified Public Accountants. Over seven decades, they’ve built a relationship with San Diegans, and it was time to extend that same level of attention, relationship management, and client acquisition to their digital presence. 

Considine and Considine came to Wayward Kind for branding, website design and development, and to build a stronger digital presence that would serve as an extension of the personal connection they have with their clients and community.

The Challenge

Considine and Considine came to us needing an online presence that was a better representation of their culture, excellence, and proficiency. The first impression online was not the same impression prospective clients had during a consultation. 

They wanted a brand that demonstrated their long-term partnerships, their ability to meet their clients’ unique needs, and their commitment to diverse and equitable company culture.

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The Goal

To meet these opportunities, we designed a three-pronged approach for their branding and website:

  1. Clearly articulate who Considine and Considine is, what their CPAs do, and why they do it.
  2. Demonstrate their expertise in the content on their website and in their blog.
  3. Represent their company culture to attract diverse perspectives and candidates for positions at Considine and Considine.
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The Approach

For Considine and Considine we updated their brand and logo using modern colors, refreshed their images to effectively speak to and attract their target audience, and expanded their brand guidelines overall to make their branding more versatile.

Through a review of their existing digital assets, we found there was a need to prioritize seamless site navigation and improve user experience. We tailored the design of their new site towards a mobile-first approach that streamlined the user experience to connect and nourish relationships. 

On the homepage, we improved the communication of their message and knowledge through an overview of their values, social proof, and concise descriptions of their services. We also used images and video to visually convey the different facets of Considine and Considine and allow prospective clients and employees to imagine themselves working with Considine and Considine. 

To help prospective clients, we strategically placed calls to action to guide visitors to proceed with a clear sense of their next steps and find the resources they were seeking. 

To better demonstrate Considine and Considine’s expertise, our social media strategy optimized their LinkedIn and Facebook pages and put a face to the team behind the great work at Considine and Considine. We developed a content calendar of topics that both spoke to their areas of expertise and the needs of their clients. 

We also utilized SEO to increase their organic traffic every month and make their website more visible online. Considine and Considine desired to attract clients but also to invest in creating a diverse and vibrant work culture—making their site more visible would help in both of those aims.


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Brand Assets

The Results

Their new brand and website better represent their core values of relationships, dependability, and impact. Their content is foundational in displaying their experience, and as a whole, there is a strong sense of confidence and expertise.


Considine & Considine - Before image of their website home page


Considine & Considine - image of their current website home page

“As marketing is not our forte, we hired Wayward Kind to guide us through many aspects that were unfamiliar to us. We have been pleased with the patience of the Wayward Kind team and their willingness to help us accomplish our mission!”

-Jessica Salus, C.P.A

If creating your own content strategy or identity design seems a bit overwhelming, no sweat! Our team at Wayward Kind is happy to work with you to create the right content strategy. Get in touch today to discover how we can take your content to the extra mile.