the challenge

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing San Diego Family Law firm, JWB Family Law found itself with a pretty desirable problem––they had a solid number of new clients coming their way based on their reputation alone.

They found themselves in a situation that many small business owners know well––in order to maintain steady growth, they needed to hire additional attorneys. And in order to do that, they had to continue to consistently bring in new clients.

The JWB Family Law team didn’t have time to do their own marketing, but they knew it was essential to their growth.

Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Lead Generation

Lead Nurturing

Social Strategy


The Goal

Increase the number of initial consultations scheduled online and start building a relationship with prospective clients before they come into the office for the first time.

The Approach

Wayward Kind developed a new website for JWB that prioritized calls-to-action to help move readers to the consultation page more easily and efficiently. Our intention was to create more clear communication between JWB and their potential potential clients so that JWB understood the needs of their clients prior to meeting.

To assist with SEO, we developed content pillar pages that allowed readers to find specific blog posts by topic, giving them quick, easy access to the information they needed the most.

The Results

A 58% increase in the number of consultations scheduled online.

A reduction in the number of clicks it takes for a website visitor to schedule a consultation from 5 clicks to just 2.

Clarity on who their audience is and a content strategy to reach that audience.

“Before working with Wayward Kind, I wasn’t sure a marketing agency would be able to understand our unique clients and our practice. We weren’t interested in marketing if it meant sacrificing strong relationships with our clients, so I was really impressed with their approach. They combined online technology and personal relationship building––and the results have been phenomenal.”

Jane Wesley Brooks, CFLSJWB Family Law

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