Our Approach

Do remarkable work for remarkable people.

Wayward Kind is a digital marketing agency working with purpose-driven companies.

Our clients are making good by creating positive, forward thinking, and necessary change in their industry. As marketing and branding experts, our work is rooted in bringing greater visibility to organizations that are solving complex social, environmental and organizational justice issues.

We understand how human connection drives decision-making, and we help our clients create mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, prospects, and community.

We work with challenger brands who are making a significant impact in race, class, and gender equity. Our work is rooted in creating positive social change and we partner with organizations that are leading systems-change efforts and contributing to a more just future.

If this sounds like you, reach out! We’d love to meet you.


Our Values

Human connection.

We believe people buy from people, not brands. We are transactional with systems so we can focus on being transformative with other humans.

Low ego, high impact.

We have a high standard for excellence, and we know our work gets better with feedback and collaboration. We are 100% on your team.

No noise.

As a digital marketing agency, we are messengers. Our clients trust us to tell their stories and help them connect with their customers. To do that, listening and understanding our clients is key.


We recognize all types of diversity including ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion and abilities. We actively seek out ways to use our platform as a tool for liberation because we know that’s what makes our work exceptional. And we carefully select clients, collaborators and partners who share this belief. 

Our Name

We represent clients from a variety of industries, but they all share a common thread—they’re doing things differently than everyone else and they’re hell-bent on shaking up their industry for the better. We actively seek out clients who are purposefully wayward and not afraid to go their own way.

wayward kind - digital marketing expert

Way·ward /ˈwāwərd/

Headstrong, willful, unexpected.

Kind /kīnd/

A group of people or collective.

Generous, thoughtful, considerate, helpful.