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Jules Taggart

Founder + Principal Strategist

Go-to resources: Content Marketing Institute, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, Kissmetrics, Moz Blog, New York Times

Queued up: The Skimm, James Clear, The Adaway Group, Every Level Leads

Weekend vibes: Running, hiking, riding motorcycles with my husband Jeff, and exploring the great outdoors with my daughters, Olympia and Helena

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Tory Patterson

Director of Operations & Client Care

Go-to resource: Advertising Age, Adweek, Content Marketing Institute, DM News, Forbes, and Fast Company

Queued up: LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram and TED Talks

Weekend vibes: When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family. My husband and I love walking our two furbabies, Diesel and Rudi, in Balboa Park and visiting different Farmer’s Markets in San Diego. I am very into astrology and as a Cancer love to invest time and energy into my home. My hobbies include home decorating/interior design and even create front door wreaths in my spare time.

Jaz Adams

Director of Strategy

Go-to resource: My go-to readings include Contagious by Jonah Berger, Traction by Gabriel Weinberg, and Start With Why, by Simon Sinek.

Queued up: I always keep Twitter and Reddit queued up to keep up to date with all current events! The ``/marketing`` Reddit has a wealth of info for marketers of all varieties. My favorite podcasts to listen to for marketing inspiration include The Small Business Big Marketing podcast, as well as The Under the Influence podcast. YouTube is also a great tool to grab some quick and easy marketing tips - one of my favorites is Neil Patel’s channel as well as blog.

Weekend vibes: I spend my weekends working on my vintage upcycled clothing business, DJing for friends, and attending any open mics & concerts I can find! Also, hanging out with my pup - Mysta!

Certifications: Certificate of Mastery in Digital Behavior Change

Natasha Bell Wayward Kind

Natasha Bell

Content Strategist

Go-to resource: Neil Patel’s blog, Ben Settle’s email newsletters, and Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff

Queued up: LinkedIn, and Reddit’s Copywriting and Digital Marketing forums. My favorite podcasts are the SEO podcast, The C Method, and Masters of Scale/How I Built This (I love listening to the stories behind businesses!).

Weekend vibes: On the weekends, you can usually find me at an art reception at one of our city’s local galleries or breweries (usually near one of my pieces). I love carving linocuts, writing poetry, and cooking plant-based meals. My husband and I also enjoy hiking together and building our cat, Benjy, cardboard box forts to play in.

Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Ads Search

Glaucia Midgett

SEO & SEM Strategist

Go-to resource: Kissmetrics, The Moz Blog, and The Neil Patel Blog

Queued up: LinkedIn is always queued up for me!

Weekend Vibes: Riding my bike by the bay, spinning classes, traveling with my husband Brandon, and exploring the best happy hours and restaurants in town.

Certifications: Google Analytics, Google ADwords, Yoast SEO

Omar Morales

Creative Director

Go-to resource: There’s too many!! UX Collective, Inside Design, Dribbble, The Designership (Slack Channel) | Books always on my desk: The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo, Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zertasky, About Face by Alan Cooper

Queued up: The Futur with Chris Do, Jake and Jonathan, Inside Intercom, Design Better, This is Product Management, WTF, Broken Record, Here’s the Thing.

Weekend vibes: I am a creative person day and night so you’ll probably find me with a sheet of paper and a pencil, paintbrush, Copic pen, stylus or even a crayon. I love to read both fiction and industry from Kerouac to Krug. I am a music nerd. Whether it’s experiencing it, listening to it (ask me about vinyl collection), playing guitar, bass, or ukulele, it’s definitely on the weekend agenda. Most importantly I love spending time with my amazing wife, a designer herself, and our two amazing pups, a Chihuahua named Julian and a beautiful brindle mixed named Tigre.

Certifications: Design Dept. - Design Leadership Certification, Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) - UX Certified with a specialty in UX Management (UXC), Certified Scrum Master

Keishonda Sherman is new Copywriter

Keishonda Sherman

Marketing Coordinator

Go-to resource: The Copywriter’s Handbook, Google, The Motley Fool Blog, Neil Patel Blog

Queued up: The Skimm, New York Times, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ET the motivational speaker podcast to keep me fired up and ready to crush my goals

Weekend vibes: Getting my sweat on is a must, whether it’s a yoga mat, boxing class, or cross-fit (I’ll try it all!). I enjoy meditating, reading a good book, and exploring the vegan food and cool new venues in our city with a few good friends! On a super lazy day, you will catch me binge-watching a show on Netflix with the love of my life.

Cara Crotty

Cara Crotty

Web Developer

Go-to resources: Google, Stack Overflow, Medium, developers from The Bootcamp Network, San Diego Tech Hub and Women Who Code

Queued Up: News app, Facebook, LinkedIn Learning, Books, my husband

Weekend vibes: Weekend Vibes: On the weekends, my husband and I hike, go to the beach, or watch movies and eat international or local cuisines. I like taking photos of the flowers, plants and scenery in each of our hikes. In my spare time, I try to learn watercolor painting and play ukulele, and I watch tutorials online and read some resources to keep me up to date.

Melissa Mudd - Copywriter

Melissa Mudd


Go-to resource:New York Times, Medium, Washington Post, and any book suggested by Jameson Brewer, Ph.D (educational researcher, University of North Georgia) or Ebony Murphy-Root (educator/activist)

Queued up: On Being with Krista Tippett, Think with Krys Boyd, anything on NPR (How I Built This, RadioLab, Ask Me Another), and New York Times crossword puzzle

Weekend vibes: I thrive on sunshine, good food, solid books, and lively conversation. Hiking, camping, and cooking with my husband and three kids fill most weekends, and I always keep a bag packed for spontaneous adventure.

Natalie Gates - Wayward Kind Copywriter

Natalie Gates


Go-to resource: NYTimes/NYMag, Google, Anti-Racism Daily, Fivethirtyeight

Queued up: Pod Save America/Pod Save the World, NPR/KPBS, Vox, Instagram–in true millennial fashion this is where I find recipes, book recommendations, thought pieces, travel spots, restaurants, and new brands.

Weekend vibes: Fresh air is a must. The quarantine weekend includes grocery shopping, laboring over bread or some meal project, spending time with family and my partner, who brings me coffee in bed and reads me twitter feeds. We’ve been weekend warriors, so once a month at least we are camping, and this summer’s vibe was lakes and rivers. In non-quarantine times, going to the yoga studio and going out for drinks were part of the vibe, now it’s stretch and practice our bartending skills.

Jaclyn Jaramillo


Go-to resource: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook, The Copywriter’s Handbook, The Boron Letters, and when in doubt...Google!

Queued up: Rise Podcast, Supersoul Podcast (and anything Oprah), Linkedin, NY Times, CNN, and I follow Cheryl Strayed and Brené Brown for inspiration.

Weekend vibes: My ideal weekend consists of BBQing, swimming, hiking, and exploring our city with my husband and two adventurous boys!


Jessica Hagmaier


Go-to resource: Definitely adobe resource/tutorial forums and Envato Elements. A GREAT resource for fonts, pictures, WordPress themes, etc. I also refer to the WCAG website compliance guidelines on a pretty much weekly basis.

Queued up: Since I tend to work over the weekend, if it's Sunday, I most definitely have football on all day! My Starbucks app keeps me fueled, and last but not least, Spotify! I can not get through a workday without turning it on!

Weekend vibes: When I'm not working, I enjoy playing basketball, watching football and hanging out with my son, when he actually lets me (teenagers, right?). I also enjoy binge-watching Survivor (and working on my next application video) and all of the ``Housewives.`` I love traveling but also love hanging out with my three dogs and cat at home in Colorado.

Rennel Parino

Rennel Parino

Web Developer

Go-to resource: Google, WordPress Codex, Stack Overflow, and various YouTube tutorials

Queued up: LinkedIn, Quora, Audible Audiobooks, Everything Is Alive

Weekend vibes: Usually after morning church services (which are online for now), you'll find me doing some chores or scratching the backs of one of my two doggos: Buddy, a chihuahua-terrier, and Mikey, a terrier mix. Other than that, you'll also find me spending quality time with my family, watching some Bob Ross, or enjoying a good ol' video game now and again with a cup of boba on the side.