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Jules Taggart

Founder + Principal Strategist

Go-to resources: Content Marketing Institute, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, Kissmetrics, Moz Blog, New York Times

Queued up: The Skimm, James Clear, The Adaway Group, Every Level Leads

Weekend vibes: Running, hiking, riding motorcycles with my husband Jeff, and exploring the great outdoors with my daughters, Olympia and Helena

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Tory Patterson

Director of Operations & Client Care

Go-to resource: Advertising Age, Adweek, Content Marketing Institute, DM News, Forbes, and Fast Company

Queued up: LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram and TED Talks

Weekend vibes: When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family. My husband and I love walking our two furbabies, Diesel and Rudi, in Balboa Park and visiting different Farmer’s Markets in San Diego. I am very into astrology and as a Cancer love to invest time and energy into my home. My hobbies include home decorating/interior design and even create front door wreaths in my spare time.

Jasmyne Adams

Digital Marketing Strategist

Go-to resource: My go-to readings include Contagious by Jonah Berger, Traction by Gabriel Weinberg, and Start With Why, by Simon Sinek.

Queued up: I always keep Twitter and Reddit queued up to keep up to date with all current events! The ``/marketing`` Reddit has a wealth of info for marketers of all varieties. My favorite podcasts to listen to for marketing inspiration include The Small Business Big Marketing podcast, as well as The Under the Influence podcast. Youtube is also a great tool to grab some quick and easy marketing tips, one of my favorites is Neil Patel’s channel as well as blog.

Weekend vibes: I spend my weekends working on my vintage upcycled clothing business, DJing for friends, and attending any open mics & concerts I can find!

Kelly Doran

Content Strategist & Copywriter

Go-to resource: My wildly talented co-workers!

Queued up: I love Podcasts: Modern Love, Fresh Air, A Way With Words, Good Food, or anything that tells a good story. My bedside table is currently piled with books by Anne Lamott, Michelle Obama, and Natalie Goldberg. Brene Brown is always lurking somewhere, too.

Weekend Vibes: My favorite activities usually involve hanging out with my daughter and our amazing community of friends and family. Whether it's pursuing our goal of visiting every Major League Baseball stadium (Go Dodgers!), hiking, cooking, gardening, traveling, or hitting up dog beach with our pup, Lola, we're always on an adventure. When I'm solo, you can find me practicing yoga, writing, listening to music, tending to our mini urban farmstead, and obsessing over all things design.

Wayward kind digital marketing SEO Strategist

Sue Almonte

SEO Strategy

Go-to resources: To keep up with the latest marketing trends, I love to follow Neil Patel's blog and Youtube channel. I also enjoy reading other blogs such as Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Moz along with listening to SEO related podcasts.

Queued Up: I love music so I always have Spotify or Pandora open to listen to my favorite indie/alternative/psychedelic rock artists. When I'm not playing tunes, you can catch me listening to personal finance podcasts.

Weekend Vibes: Exploring all San Diego has to offer! Trying new restaurants, breweries, and attending street fairs are some of my favorite things to do with friends. I also love going to lots of concerts and music festivals throughout the year.

Michael Stover


Michael Stover is a husband to one, father of five, grandfather, and cancer survivor. Since 2005 he has written, edited, and contributed to numerous Bible study materials, college subject matter, blogs, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction works, as well as led national training conferences on writing and speaking with attendees from 46 states. Michael holds degrees from Union University and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, both in his home state of Tennessee. In addition to full-time freelance writing and editing, Michael enjoys reading, fishing, cooking, outdoor grilling, and lots of family time, especially near the ocean. He is the author of two books, both available through Amazon, and is currently working on a third.

Bill McHale

SEO Strategy

Go-to resources: When I'm trying to expand my way of thinking about SEO and its role in content strategy, I'll open up Contently's blog The Content Strategist as well as more typical SEO-focused outlets like Search Engine Land and The Moz Blog.

Queued up: YouTube! SEO is all about understanding how people talk about (and therefore search about) different topics. One of the best ways to get insight and learn special jargon or keyword phrases people might use is to watch an expert. Oh, and Google Keyword Planner to help me get the data behind all those great keywords.

Weekend vibes: Stepping away from the computer a bit and putting some practical skills I've learned (from YouTube videos...) to the test. Recently I've been working on my cooking skills, barista skills, and developing a bit of a green thumb.

Jeremy Raymond

WordPress Development

Go-to resource: Codecademy,,, Laracasts,,

Queued up: I have my Google News keyed in to give me new programming news related to PHP, CSS, and Javascript from any source.

Weekend vibes: I'm an avid video gamer, coder, gym rat, and craft beer drinker.

Michelle Shepard

WordPress Design & Development

Go-to resource: I frequently turn to Dribbble, Muzli, Codecademy, CodePen, and conferences/seminars such as Adobe MAX to build on my skillset.

Queued up: I love Invision's blog! I find it's super relevant to me as a designer. Muzli also conveniently has a chrome extension that allows me to see recent posts/inspiration every time I open a new tab—I'm constantly reading/getting inspiration from there.

Weekend vibes: As a digital nomad, I'm constantly traveling and experiencing new things/places/communities. You'll most likely catch me carrying around my Canon 5D Mark III camera, several lenses, and my DJI drone. I also love to draw and paint with watercolor and oil.

Cory Young

SEO Strategy

Go-to resource: To keep up with the current news in the industry, I'll read Digital Marketing Blogs like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Kissmetrics. When I'm trying to go in-depth on specific tactics and techniques, I find that reading digital marketing consultants' and agencies' blogs to understand what works and what hasn't in the “real world.”

Queued up: Twitter is always always always queued up for me. People are always discussing the latest trends and happenings in the industry, and you'll even get to be part of cool experiments sometimes. I once participated in an experiment by Rand Fishkin to see whether clickthrough rate really did impact organic search one hour, we watched a listing move up from position #4 to #1 just by crowdsourcing clicks.

Weekend vibes: I'm a workout junkie. I love lifting weights, and in my spare time, I'm an amateur boxer, while partaking in kickboxing matches here and there. Besides that, you can catch me laying on the couch watching Investigation Discovery.