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The Right Way to Repurpose Content

We know what you’re thinking: carving out time to create content for blog posts is already difficult enough, but now I also have to create new content to put that content other places, too?

Yes. While a lot of people like to learn through reading blog posts, not every one of your target audience consumes content that way. That’s why B2B businesses have started repurposing content from their blogs into other mediums, like podcasts and social media posts. Some of your audience may prefer a downloadable guide or whitepaper that they can share with their colleagues, or simply an easier way to catch up on your content.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content

There are two major reasons why businesses repurpose their content: to reach a new audience and to target new keywords for an SEO boost.

Repurposed content helps businesses continue to reap the benefits of incoming traffic by expanding the reach of their blog posts. It also helps eliminate the need for continually creating new content and coming up with an endless stream of ideas, and instead expands traffic sources; The goal of repurposed content is to get your content into more hands.

Another big benefit that businesses discover when repurposing content is that they can target new keywords that give them a boost from search engines. Rather than focusing solely on primary keywords, these long-tail keywords help search engines understand that your content provides a lot of information.

How to Repurpose Content from Blog Posts

The thing about repurposing blog posts is that blog posts can be recycled into whatever type of content best resonates with your audience, depending on their needs.

Discover Which Content Is the Best to Share

To develop a solid action plan, we recommend reviewing your insights:

  • Which posts get the most traffic?
  • Which get the most comments or questions?
  • Which have the best tips?

Asking yourself questions like these ensures that your audience will find value and be interested in your repurposed content.

Decide on the Best Platform for That Content

Once you know what kind of content you want to repurpose, this next step will be easier.

There are a variety of platforms and ways to repurpose content: here are our five favorites.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a newer feature on LinkedIn that allows thought leaders and experts to share content. The majority of our clients address decision makers or other small business owners directly as one of their audience segments, making LinkedIn Pulse a great platform for them to use. Republishing content to LinkedIn also puts your content in front of 364 million potential clients and connections—that’s a lot of potential traffic!


Medium is a popular place for businesses and content creators to share content that they’ve created because of its large viewership. With 60 million monthly readers, Medium’s established audience offers companies the opportunity to increase exposure for their brand.

Email Newsletters or Series

Email newsletters or series are great for addressing any questions and comments you’ve received in response to your blog posts, or even re-sharing the best tips out of old blog posts. Questions and comments can also be added into existing email newsletters to provide your audience with more value.


Typically speaking, a whitepaper is a document that walks readers through common complex issues or problems that they may be having. Offer your audience solutions to their pain points, increase your brand awareness, and improve your SEO with a whitepaper.


Infographics are an easy way to directly transform blog posts into visually digestible pieces of content. The busier that people get, the more they lean toward the use of infographics, making this kind of repurposed content the easiest to share.


Podcasts have become increasingly popular among a variety of niches, as people can listen to them while commuting, working, and doing other things. Your existing blog content can be used to generate episode ideas, as well as help structure podcast themes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Reach a new audience and provide value to your existing audience at the same time. When you can extend the use of your existing content, you’re working smarter instead of harder.

What’s your favorite piece of content on your website? Do you have any ideas for repurposing it?

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