Why Content Strategy is important

Why Content Strategy is Important (Especially in Times of Crisis!)

When you hear about content strategy and content marketing, one of the first things mentioned is usually “want to generate more leads?” or  “get more eyeballs on your services?” 

Numbers are great and all, but they are not more important than people. People are the reason why and numbers are just a product of that.

Let’s Dig Deeper

A big part of content strategy that is often lost when compared to conversion rates and data is its ability to help businesses, especially small businesses, nurture their existing clients. They end up missing the big picture by getting caught up in short term results. 

Clients Need Love Too

Nourish the relationships you have with your current clients. You can do this by staying engaged with them on social platforms. Show your clients you are listening and this will build trust and loyalty.

Consistently provide information that is useful and usable. You are there to solve their problems and by doing so regularly you increase your advantage as a leader in your industry. Clients will keep coming back because they know you provide services that are geared towards their success.

Current clients are essential to the foundation of your business and making sure they know that should always be top of mind. 

Don’t ruin a good thing, because we all know it’s always easier to sell to someone who’s already bought from you.

All Eyes on You

It’s a given: Companies need to be communicating and building trust with their clients. These tools are even more true when in times of crisis. 

Clients are watching you more than you think, and take notice of the steps you take to ensure your business does well, and that their customer experience remains as flourishing as it has always been.

One way that you can continue to enrich their experience is by establishing an open line of communication or simply posting a social media update. Small efforts can create a sense of calmness and resolve to get them through the ups and downs.

You want to let your clients know that even though we are apart we are in this together. 

So What Is Content Strategy?

Well, it’s easier to start with its goal, which is to create meaningful, engaging, and sustainable content that is both of these points below.

Be true to your business voice

Your business voice remains present whether intentional or not. 

Because it is such a valuable asset, you want to study and reconstruct your brand mission statement over and over again. It is a core pillar to how you want to be perceived by your audience and ultimately to how they will see you.

Figure out a plan that will bring your vision to life and consistently act on that promise. Your messaging, headlines, and visuals play a crucial part in connecting to your target audience and allows your brand personality to authentically stand out. Fun fact: People crave businesses that are resilient in their brand purpose and identity. 

So give the people what they want. Realness.

Remember your audience

A huge part of the content strategy lies in your business core values and in understanding your audience. So put the work in, and get to know your clients personally. One way you can do this is by using your content and messaging to create impact. Providing a personal touch helps you create brand loyalty and directly link your services to their needs.

A great content strategy not only makes your audience feel supported but in times of crisis, it can minimize panic and maximize support. Show them you have their best interest at heart by navigating how you develop and deliver your content.

The Breakdown

Let’s be clear, content is any piece of text or visual that comes from your business. This can be anything from social media posts and email newsletters to physical content like mailers and pamphlets.

Since there are so many types of copy sent to existing and prospective clients every day, it’s essential to make sure you grab their attention and keep it.

What separates basic content from great content is having originality, captivating headlines, and actionable copy. Avoid the fluff and focus on delivering straight to the point information for your audience. 

Show Them Better Than You Can Tell Them

Being authentic to your business’s core values is indispensable to consumers and shows them you care more about how you can enhance their quality of life than lining your pockets.

Not to sound like a broken record, but your business has the opportunity to focus on deepening your relationships with your clients. And if you don’t take control of this narrative, someone else will.

At Wayward Kind we specialize in human relationships and changing the narrative around vigilant and in-depth service. How can we help you take control?


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