Work/Case Study: The Widest Net

A Step by Step Method for Building a Thriving Business

Supporting the launch of a world-changing book.

The Challenge

Pamela Slim is an award-winning business coach, speaker, and author who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, sustain, and scale their businesses. Having worked as a management consultant with world-renowned businesses including Barclays Global Investors, Hewlett Packard, Charles Schwab and Chevron, she encapsulated her experience of supporting successful businesses into several books that could help small business owners achieve similar long term growth. 


Pam’s first two books on growing your business were game changers for folks who wished to build a successful business that could reflect their ideal work life balance and provide valuable products and services that better aligned with their talents .  Escape from Cubicle Nation was recognized as the Best Small Business and Entrepreneur book of 2009 from 800 CEO Read. 


When Pam approached us with The Widest Net,  her third and most anticipated book to date, we were thrilled to help with its launch. She wanted an effective platform for selling her book on the  importance of building strong and mutually-beneficial networks, or ecosystems, that could help small businesses ultimately grow their bottom line


Pam’s book, The Widest Net, is a blueprint for purpose-driven business leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to grow, and subsequently increase their impact around the world.

The Goal

With the launch date approaching, we knew we had a limited amount of time to create a page that both captured her various audiences, and led them to purchase the book early. 


While Pam’s personal website could have featured her book, we knew that in order to maximize sales, the book needed its own platform that presented its key messaging as unique from previous book titles, yet was also consistent with the look and feel of her personal site. 


We wanted to create a page that quickly caught the eye of visitors by displaying both the book itself and a captivating hero statement to grab attention. Visitors would not need to scroll in order to learn what the book had to offer them. 


The primary goal was to sell this book by reminding folks of Pam’s leadership experience. We wanted to quickly build trust and credibility between the consumer and the author.

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We developed a bright and modern landing page that beautifully displayed the book alongside its purpose. We were careful to choose colors that complimented both the book’s  vibrant turquoise cover and her business site. 


Having developed a thorough understanding of her personas and the preferred customer journeys, we designed the site to include several Call to Actions and a short bio about the dynamic author herself. To build trust and credibility, we included powerful testimonials that were thoughtfully displayed throughout the page.


The book-launch was a success and Pam sold more presales than in previous launches. The total number of conversions from her site made up XX percent of her total presales. 


Post launch, we continue to support Pamela Slim with marketing her Widest Net workshops and offerings, site maintenance, and content marketing.