Work/Case Study: The Widest Net

A Step by Step Method for Building a Thriving Business

Supporting the launch of a world-changing book.


Pamela Slim is an award-winning business coach, speaker, and author who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, sustain, and scale their businesses. 

Pam’s latest book, The Widest Net, is all about the importance of building strong, mutually beneficial networks – or ecosystems – that help small businesses grow. It was important to Pam that the marketing effort to launch the book mirror the Widest Net Method that she developed and uses with her clients worldwide.

We were thrilled to get to dive into Pam’s approach and support the launch by working with her unique and powerful method.

The Goal

Having authored two previous books, Pam had already created a strong, supportive community who were excited to see what she would come out with next. Our goal as her partner was to engage her audience, help them learn about the book and pre-order it before launch day and promote early reviews. 

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SEO Strategy

Website Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy & Development



We started by designing and building a landing page for the book to support pre-orders and provide bonuses, and worked with Pam to develop a book summary to share with other authors and entrepreneurs who would read and provide a formal review for the book.

Next, we developed a workbook that included all exercises and tools that were in the book that Pam could use as a teaching tool in workshops and presentations. We also created a full suite of design assets that would support her team in promoting the book, including social media templates, slide decks, infographics, event promotion and video reels.


Pam’s work is a game-changer for so many growing organizations — including ours. We loved partnering with her on this important project and getting this book into hands across the world.  

“To the entire Wayward Kind team, thank you for your excellent marketing partnership!”
– Pam Slim