Wayward Kind

We Moved Offices! Wayward Kind is Growing.

Over the last year, Wayward Kind has been through a lot of changes!

Earlier in 2019, we shared our sweet little office in this post (and did a cribs-style tour).

But now, we’ve moved again!

While we were happy with our old space, one of the biggest deciding factors for moving was our growing team! We’ve gone from one in-house employee to six this year, meaning we need more space for desks, team and client meetings, and breaks. Our new office is much bigger than the previous one—and we’ve got a brand new conference room!

Don’t worry, though, we haven’t moved that far away! Our new space is less than 100 steps away from the last, in the same business park. 

Meaning that the only change to our physical address is changing “Suite G” to “Suite A.”

And if you get lost, you can always find us by our rainbow welcome mat.

So what’s new? Let’s get into it.

The New Wayward Kind Space

New space, same rules.

  1. Humans? Welcome.
  2. Dogs, too!
  3. Music…always.

Moving is no small task, especially when moving offices. Cardboard boxes pushed aside, here are some pictures from our first few days in the bigger digs:

2019 has been a year of growth for the Wayward Kind team. Check out our new digs!

Check out our open floor plan, featuring Natasha and Stephen hard at work! Mural pending…

2019 has been a year of growth for the Wayward Kind team. Check out our new digs!

Our shiny new conference room! It’s safe to say that everyone on the team was the most excited about this space. We can’t wait to meet with and video conference our clients, as well as hold our weekly team meetings here.

Wayward Kind has moved to a new office!

Speaking of team meetings, here’s a quick snap of our first meeting in the new conference room (Stolen from our Instagram—thanks for being behind the camera, Jaz!)

2019 has been a year of growth for the Wayward Kind team. Check out our new digs!
Peep our sofa, welcome to employees and guests (it’s also one of Stephen’s favorite places to get his code-readin’ on).

Wayward Kind has moved to a new office!

Our coffee and cleaning station. Any snack recommendations?

But more important than our space, is our people. We’ve got a great team of creative thinkers and strategizers. Learn more about our team, while we continue unpacking.

It’s been an exciting year for Wayward Kind and we look forward to starting a new chapter in this space. We’re still settling in and putting stuff up on the walls (our barn door was recently installed!) but we’re so excited to be in our new space.

If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello!

And if you need help refreshing your digital locations (AKA your website or social media), you know where to find us.

Thank you for your support, both over the years and during our move.


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