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Referral Marketing For Small Businesses: 3 Effective Ways To Use Video

More now than ever, small business owners can attest to the phrase “change is inevitable.” While we didn’t anticipate a full-fledged pandemic, our reactions as small business owners during this time will guide the way business is conducted moving forward.

The fear and panic you may be feeling right now needs to be acknowledged but your business’ social media isn’t the best place for that. Instead of focusing on what your competitors have been posting recently, let’s take a quick look at your clients: if you’re a B2B business then your clients are also experiencing similar feelings (behind every business is a human, after all!), meaning that they are looking to you as a source for easing their fears, and for continuing to provide them with value.

New practices of social distancing create hurdles out of our tried-and-true face-to-face meetings, but there are still ways to nurture and generate leads digitally—it just requires taking a step back and analyzing the processes in your business that have been in place forever to see where your next opportunity lies.

The companies that will emerge from this pandemic in a stronger position than they entered it will be those that find ways to create deep human connection using digital tools. Small businesses still have the opportunity to make clients feel connected. One great way to continue to incorporate that human element into your processes is through video.

Referral Marketing For Small Businesses

Let’s dive deeper into the ways that small business owners should be using video right now.

Video 101: Getting creative with your connections

Your responses to the curve balls are an essential part of referral marketing, and one that you don’t have to lose when going digital. Video allows small business owners to continue to be a resilient, dependable resource for clients and employees. 

Many people around the globe have been placed on quarantine, meaning that time spent online has easily increased:

Italy has an increase of over 70 percent in internet traffic.

People, including your clients and prospective clients, are showing up online. Creating intentional, personal videos and putting your face out there will ensure that they stay connected with you and your business.

Video is among one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there to reach clients on a deeply personal, human level

Here are some simple and interactive ways to make your audience feel reassured and valued—no big production or set needed.

Video Conferencing

You may have heard the term “video conferencing” going around on LinkedIn lately (or maybe you’ve even tried dialing in to a meeting or two). Now that everyone is remote, video conferencing tools like Zoom present an effective solution for virtual business development.

There are two different ways to use video conferencing: to talk with people, and to listen.

Think of video conferencing like an impromptu coffee meeting. You’re still making time for small talk, strengthening loyal client relationships, and asking the same questions you would ask someone if you met them in person right now: How are you doing? How’s this impacting your business? How can I help? 

Video conferencing works well for more than clients too: it’s a great way to stay connected with your team while working remote. For example, here’s a Brady Bunch-style screenshot from our team meeting the other morning.

Use Video for Small Business Referral Marketing
Hello from the team at Wayward Kind!

Personal Outreach Videos 

There’s a fine line between providing guidance to your audience in times of need and providing commentary on situations just to stay in the loop. Rather than creating overly produced content that feels inauthentic, try to focus on building deeper connections with your audience by experimenting with new ways to share content.

Our phones are almost always at our fingertips, making them a cost-effective and engaging source for connection. Keep it simple by sending a short and genuine message using what you already have!

Not only do personalized videos add that human connection and a sense of guidance, but your word choices also create an extra opportunity to be impactful and informative.

One great example of personal outreach videos done right are Drew Auker’s IGTV video posts. Drew, from The Auker Group, does an excellent job of creating a useful and engaging conversation during this time by presenting his audience with tips that are relevant to their concerns; his videos are filled with cost-effective and trustworthy advice that friends and family can’t help but share.

With just the click of a button, your video can go a long way in comforting and building trust with existing and prospective clients, which is key for successful referral marketing during times of crisis.

Here are some ways you can encourage sharing:
  • Include a call to action
  • Tag someone you know who will benefit from your tips
  • Post your video to your social media platforms and encourage sharing

Now is the time to be relatable, straight-forward, and forward-thinking, in order to provide your clients with the tangible solutions they need to confidently tackle the conflicts that lie ahead.

Social Media Video

Speaking of social media: these platforms are great for creating more in-depth conversation with your audience.

Humans are social by nature and social media gives us the opportunity to feel more connected, especially during times of physical isolation. Not only do social media posts allow clients to directly interact and be more involved but they enforce the sense of community.

Sharing video to your feeds is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and scheduling Facebook or Instagram live videos presents the perfect opportunity to connect with your clients in the moment.

“Ask me anything” webinars or teaming up with another expert on video are just a few different ways to keep your videos low production and in the moment.

Focus on connection

As a small business owner, you’ve been unknowingly preparing for years: you’re nimble and resilient. Now is the time to utilize the digital tools available to come out stronger than when you started. 

At Wayward Kind, we value human connection above all else. If you need help creating more meaningful digital conversations with current or prospective clients, we’re here to listen.


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